Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jane and I have been back from our journey out west since last Thursday. We came back early because Mom had fallen. As posted earlier...she's coming along fine now that she's back "home" at Bethany Homes. She was thrilled to see us. We left on July 25th at about 11am. We settled in Valentine Nebraska that evening and had a fine night. The drive was peaceful and lovely. The Rosebud Indian Reservation through which we traveled was serene but disquieting. I was concerned that the car might break down and we'd be FOREVER away from any sort of help AAA could offer. However, we motored on through and settled in Valentine at a nice roadside flop. I don't recall which place it was but we roomed next to a buncha' Trailer Park Boys and their abused wives. Such catterwalling and arguing. It kept Jane awake. I awaken for little, shy of an earthquake.
Bright and semi-early on Saturday we headed for Denver, via North Platte Nebraska. It was a six hour drive to Denver. We used a GPS system with an Asian-sounding electronice/digital voiced female. She gave us precise directions to Curt's place in Littleton, home of Columbine High School. The carnage was still fresh in our minds as we walked by the memorial to the dead and injured of that ridiculous example of American youth run amuck. A lovely spot, but rife with awful memories. Those poor kids...parents...and teachers.
Yet to come: Escaping Denver, sneaking into Salt Lake City and Pocatello.

Friday, August 1, 2008

She's Fallen, But Has Gotten Back Up

While away in The West, I got word from Bethany Homes that Mom had fallen and couldn't get up. However, as of today, following surgery on a "pretty severe break" in her femur, she's back home again. I visited her today and she's remarkably OK. She is in little pain and doing well. The therapists from Meritcare will be coming around daily for a few days, rehabbing her and they expect she'll be up and "runnin'" again before long! Woo woo!More on the Denver, SLC, Pocatello and most of Montana trek in a later soon as I get these pics loaded...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Son's Dawg

Duncan is my "grand dog." He's Curt's golden retriever. Quite a dawg indeed. I can't wait to take a walk with him around Columbine High...or environs.

Mom at Bethany

Jane and I visited with Mom for a couple of hours yesterday at Bethany Homes. She was in good spirits. I hooked her up with Edith, her beloved daughter-in-law and they gabbed a good deal. Mom is very healthy but quite forgetful. Yesterday at one point, she said, "why don't we die before we forget?" I said, "Well, Mom, it's because we forget to die."

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